My main interest is petrology of metamorphic rocks, petrology of igneous rocks, Applied petrography and Ecology and geology

Some of these courses are:

Petrology of metamorphic rocks
Petrology of igneous rocks
Basic petrology
Applied petrography
Environments of rock origin

Petrology of metamorphic rocks is my main field of interest. Program of lectures constantly changes together with new ideas and methods of investigation of these most interesting rocks on the Earth. To write a book on this subject is still a major challenge in my professional work.

Knowledge of the petrology of igneous rocks, particularly of acid (granitic) and basic (basaltic) rocks, is of great importance in research of metamorphic rocks. In that way, we are able to make interpretations of major tectonic events, conditions in a geological environment and its evolution in time.

Basic petrology is for the students whose main subject is not petrology. I have already written a book on that subject, and another book is coming soon. The new book shows a completely new approach to better understanding of genesis of rocks.

Petrography course is for students that study mining, agriculture and forestry. This short course is very interesting because it gives opportunity to present numerous data in a very short period of time (one semester).

Applied petrography is probably the most commercial part of geology. Beside the protection of building stone (churches, monasteries), I am also specialized in commercial use of these rocks in civil engineering.

Lectures on environments of rock origin are crucial in understanding petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks. My book “Earth, Plate Tectonics and Magmatism” is a basic introduction in understanding igneous and metamorphic rocks and their relation to the global tectonic processes.

I am interested in giving lectures on these subjects, as well as involvement in master and doctoral theses.
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