Other Activities and Interests

  • Modernization of educational process in geology. In geological research, fieldwork comes first. Application of technology combined with field experience, photographs, and video material, enables a far better understanding of the petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks.
  • You are welcome to visit my photo gallery. Rocks, minerals, outcrops, geological structures — these are all parts of our geological world. Photographs are here to remind me of what I have seen and learned. However, they are worthless if I do not share them with other people. They are here to help in better understanding of the precious geological world.
  • Material for educational purposes: photo and video presentations for geological lectures (Basic Geology, Basic Petrology, Petrology of Igneous Rocks, Petrology of Metamorphic Rocks, Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks), graphical representation of geological features and prioresses: posters, schemes, geological columns and sections
  • Organizing geological field trips in Serbia and Montenegro. Specialists for various geological disciplines (petrology, regional geology, structural geology, palaeontology, hydrogeology, etc.) will be your guides.
  • Producing various video features for public TV (scientific, educational and popular program)
  • Producing films based on your ideas, according to your script at the locality you suggest
  • Photography: I offer beautiful landscapes and pictures of nature for your office, classrooms, living space…
  • I am an active caver and I am eager to join expeditions of any kind. It is the major challenge to see and feel the amazing world of caves. Explore the unexplored, touch the untouched and hear the sound of silence… My camera is always with me, and together we try to make the beauty of the underground world closer to you. However, photos and videos can only show the beauty, but you cannot feel the adrenaline.