Orthometamorphic Paleozoic rocks: green rocks – chlorite-albite schists, chlorite-albite-actinolite schists, Mg-riebeckite and stilpnomelane schists, asa well as metabasaltic rocks with relict texture. Drina Ivanjica paleo zoic

Orthometamorphic rocks connected to ophiolites: metaspilites, metabasalts and diabases, metamorphosed under conditions of ocean floor metamorphism and subducted metamorphism: Dinaridic ophiolite belts, Vardar zone.

Medium-to-high-grade metamorphic rocks: gneisses, amphibolites and eclogites from the Serbian-Macedonian Massif.

Ultrabasic and basic rocks in ophiolite massifs, Zlatibor, Maljen, Ibar

Archeology: analyses of various rocks from different archeological sites: Viminacium, Đerdap gorge, Vinča .

Caves: exploration and scientific study of caves, including petrological research on underground karst morphology and mineralogy, corrosion of carbonate rocks, influence of groundwater circulation on the rocks and genesis of low-temperature carbonate minerals. Miroč mounting

Ecology and environmental protection: protection of natural surface water resources, protection of aquifers, surface-water pollution and protection in urban areas. Research on physical disintegration and type of alteration in sandstones that were used for building the Serbian medieval monasteries. Belgrade , Mali Zvornik, Šabac, Vladimirci.

Zlatibor MTs: New occurrence of amethyst, mineralogical investigations, july, 2006

Petrology of gneisses form: Vršački Breg (Vojvodina), Old Paleozoic gneisses intruded by Hercinian granitoids, October, 2006

VII International Conference: Nonmetals, 2006, 25-28 October, 2006 god. Using of anrenovate natural resource, metals, nonmetals minerals row, coal, oil and gas. October 2006. Member of experts team for Sustanable Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, October 2006

Petrology of green rocks from Ram: Ram, Eastern Serbia, on Danube, October, November, 2006

ENVIROMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: International conference on ENVIROMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Belgrade, 23-25 April, 2007. Two papers: Mineral resources in Serbia and sustainable development; Education proposals for sustainable development in minerals resources.

Cer Mts: Qmonconites, aplites, pegmatites, with Prof. D. Babic, Prof. M. Vukov and Vesna, April 2007

Nuclear techniques and other instrumental methods: 2nd National Workshop Nuclear techniques and other instrumental methods in investigation of cultural heritage artifacts-case studies. Lecture: minerals and rocks in archeology, April, 2007

Paleomagnetism of Tertiary igneous rocks: Granites, granodiorites, quartmonconites, andezites, dacites etc. Locality: Boranja, Cer, Ljubovija, Borač, Kopaonik, Polumir, Slavkovica. May, 2007

Mercury occurrence on Avala: Mercury occurrence on Avala, in frame of archeological investigation of Vinca, July 2007

Petrological investigations: Petrological investigations of artifacts and rocks in Viminacijum