Current Work

Ophiolites of Serbia

High-grade metamorphic rocks (Serbian-Macedonian Massif)

Low-grade metamorphic rocks (Drina-Ivanjica Paleozoic, Vlasina Complex)

Protection and conservation of sandstones and carbonate rocks

Geological heritage of Serbia’s Ecology

Albania palace, in central part of Belgrade, reconstruction, Apply petrography investigations, February 2007

Basalts from Sjenica, southern part of Serbia, consultation for geomehanic characteristics of rocks, Mart 2007

Students excursion, Department for petrology and geochemistry, Eastern Serbia, June 2007

Belgrade, view from sky, July 2007

Viminacium, 7 July 2007

Belgrade, War Island, Futura, faculty for ecology, Summer school, Lecture: Geology around Belgrade, together wit Prof. S. Knezevic, July 2007

Institute Jaroslav Cerni, Built new river valley, Kolubara coal mining, August 2007